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Trust us. Burning in Hell while little devils stick pitchforks in your butt is Not Fun. So join the Christian march on the road to Heaven by watching this 11th volume of Christian Scare Films and get your sorry ass saved!

A Wonderful Life (b&w): Two of The Ape Man’s alumni -- director WILLIAM BEAUDINE (who also gave the world Billy the Kid vs. Dracula) and screenplay writer BARNEY A. SARECKY (who was Associate Producer on most of the Lugosi Monograms) -- are reunited and, courtesy of the Protestant Film Commission, for some slick Christian inspiration starring ARTHUR SHIELDS (the werewolf in Daughter of Dr. Jekyll) as a small-town preacher who, alas, does not sprout fangs here, and featuring a bit part by Jimmy Olsen (JACK LARSEN). Henry Wood (JAMES DUNN) was a wonderful man who loved his family, church, and garden, helped those in need, and gave most of his money to charity. Trouble is, he’s now dead and his daughter thinks back on all the kind things her father did and all the things she and her family missed out on and asks the obvious question, "Did he really have such a wonderful life?" Scary says, "No."


On the Right Side (b&w): Christian money woes reach fever pitch between Mary (ANN SAVAGE), "the girl next door, gay and carefree," and her troubled hubbie, Bill, a degenerate gambler, after Bill squanders all their cash -- which includes raiding little Joan’s piggy bank -- and writes bad checks to a couple of mobsters. Fed up, Mary goes to Judge Wilson and asks for a divorce. Instead, the Judge says he’ll , take the case "to God’s court." After all, "Bill can and will give up gambling when his faith is restored!" The Judge then offers to help Bill out it, for the next 90 days, Bill agrees to become, in essence, The Judge’s Christian slave .... Can God’s Way stop Bill’s gambling problem? Scary says, "Bet on it!"


There Was a Widow (b&w): Though innocent, 19 year-old Roy Palmer is found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in this Biblical parable come to life. Though things look understandably grim, his devoted mother (the great ELLEN CORBY, Grandma Walton herself) decides to fight injustice with the Power of Prayer: "God will help me! I know He will!" Sure enough, after harassing a befuddled eyewitness and getting a local reporter on her side, Mrs. Palmer and God then squeeze the judge into granting Roy another trial. Lookout, world, here comes Roy’s mommy! Watch this, then drop to your knees. Scary says, "The Wrath of Mom!"

Stranger At Our Door (b&w): "Mama, why is it so many are against Foreigners?" asks Foreign Josepf of his Foreign Mom after he’s just been beaten up by Foreigner-hating semi-delinquents led by ugly Eddie. Eventually making friends with a young man named Steve -- although Josepf acts more like he has a crush on the guy -- Josepf and Steve get framed for supposedly stealing a car. Prosecutor LYLE TALBOT wants to lock them up and throw away the key, but Josepf saves the day with a Christian Speech about God, the Bible, faith, and democracy until even ugly Eddie wants to join, Josepf at Church on Sunday! Scary says, "Technically, God’s a foreigner too!" --Scary Ed
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1950s 1960s
Color: B&W
Starring: William Beaudine
Co-starring: Barney A. Sarecky
Other cast: Arthur Shields, Jack Larsen, James Dunn, Ann Savage, Ellen Corby, Lyle Talbot

Christian Scare Films Vol.11

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