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High tech robots equipped with state-of-the-art security devices have been recruited as the new mechanical night watchmen for the Park Plaza Mall. When a jolting bolt of lightning short circuits the main computer control, the robots turn into killbots...on the loose after unsuspecting shoppers! Four couples are trying to make it after-house in a mattress store. They make it all the morgue! (2)

Chopping Mall

SKU: 031398253228
  • Audio Commentary with Director / co-writer JIM WYNORSKI, actress KELLI MARONEY, and co-writer / 2nd Unit Director STEVE MITCHELL
    Audio Commentary with Historians / Authors: NATHANIEL THOMPSON (Mondo Video) and RYAN TUREK (Shock 'til you drop)
    Audio Commentary with Director / co-writer JIM WYNORSKI and co-writer / 2nd Unit Director STEVE MITCHELL
    Isolated score track by Chuck Cirino
    BACK TO THE MALL - Cast and Filmmakers remember the making of CHOPPING MALL
    CHOPPING "CHOPPING MALL" editor LESLIE ROSENTHAL discusses the editing
    THE KILLBOTS - Creator ROBERT SHORT talks about creating the robots ( with never seen concept drawings)
    SCORING "CHOPPING MALL" an interview with composer CHUCK CIRINO
    THE ROBOT SPEAKS! - 10 questions with the robot
    THE LOST SCENE - introduction with filmmakers: JIM WYNORSKI and STEVE MITCHELL, and the three page scene itself
    ARMY OF ONE - A visit with CHOPPING MALL'S biggest fan: CARL SAMPIERI

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