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A pre-Deep Throat GERARD DAMIANO informs us that the Sexual Revolution ushered in "Changes that have come too soon for some, not soon enough for others... Changes that will liberate or destroy." Following this ominous pronunciamento are a series of interviews conducted by Damiano himself, intercut with sex scenes on the bodacious border of hardcore. 
A psychiatrist discusses censorship; a porno shop clerk (actually skinflick actor LARRY HUNTER) fills us in on perversions; a theater manager talks about sex in the cinema (during which we get to see a marvelous trailer for a movie called Teenie Tulip); and ecdysiast CAROL BARR speaks about stripping. Damiano also interviews a feminist member of N.O.W. on women’s lib; the owner of a 42nd Street "model studio" who talks about "tipping"; the editors of a homo magazine; and gay activist ARTHUR BELL, here billed as Arthur Irving.


Best of all, AL GOLDSTEIN and JIM BUCKLEY of Screw magazine are interviewed about... well, just about everything under the sun. This particular interview is a priceless mix of humor and lobbyism as the two kibitz wildly with each other while trying to discuss matters of morality and public policy. Then we get to see them in action during a Screw photo shoot with KIM POPE and ALEX MANN. Via a hidden camera, we then visit the set of a peep show in the making, then onto the stage of a live sex show in a private club where TALLY WRIGHT gets it on with a blond dude while a black chick has fun with a huge white dildo.


Speaking of dildos, we next meet "Nancy," a sculptress who creates her own dildos and discusses the importance of shape rather than size. Finally, Damiano’s own son, 7 year old GERARD JR., talks about religion with his dad. A powerful, informative, nostalgic, lewd, funny, sex-filled documentary that, as a special bonus, also includes vintage shots of the old 42nd Street in its wonderfully sex-crazed, pre-Disney heyday. Another truly remarkable collectors item for Deviates everywhere. From the 35mm smut-spewing negative. -- Don the Deviate, America Moralia
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Gerard Damiano
Co-starring: Al Goldstein
Other cast: Carol Barr , Kim Pope , Tally Wright
Directed by: Gerard Damiano

Changes (Adults Only!)

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