“Bushwhacker! It’s a woodsman! A woodsman that’s been cut off from civilization for a couple of years, lives alone up in this brush, starts to talk to himself after a while, gets a little wacky! A little bushwacky! A bushwhacker!”
      Yes, The Bushwhacker. On Something Weird’s “Top 10 Want List” since the company began, we’ve finally acquired a good-looking 35mm print of The Bushwhacker and, yup, it’s a nasty one alright….

   A goofy-looking guy in a Davy Crocket hat, The Bushwhacker sees an airplane flying over the desert and, apparently hating aviation, shoots the plane out of the sky with two shots from his trusty rifle. Fleeing from the (offscreen) wreckage are stud pilot Dan (FORMAN SHANE of Henry’s Night In and numerous films for Steve Apostolof) and three sexy starlets: Sherry, Maureen, and Dawn (MERCI MONTELLO, Miss “Playboy Playmate December 1972”) who struts around in bright white go-go boots. Undaunted by the ordeal, Dan and Dawn get it on that night while poor Sherry is first fondled by The Bushwhacker, then by horny lesbian Maureen (billed here as “Acee Decee”).
      Hiking to a nearby stream the next day, Dan and the girls stop to rest, Sherry starts to skinny dip, and The Bushwhacker quickly carries her away. Dan and the remaining girls search for her for all of about, oh, three minutes or so before Dan and Dawn get nekkid and paw each other once again. By this time, the big bad Bushwhacker has dragged the topless Sherry to a tree where he strings her up and bites her arms and legs like she’s fresh hamburger meat. He also slices her up with a knife. Dan, Dawn, and Maureen eventually discover Sherry’s lifeless body, at which time Maureen climbs on top of her and mak