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You drink, you die. It’s that simple. Want proof.? Watch this second volume of Boozers & Losers and learn to hate alcohol. Hiccup!

Alcohol Is Dynamite (b&w): From the early pantheon of SID DAVIS comes this horrifying slice of shock cinema guaranteed to make you think twice about having that next beer. Two underage boys ask Tom Ohlman, "sports writer on the city paper," to buy beer for them. Instead, Tom tells them the Tragic Tale of Paul, Jim, and Tip, three high school buddies who sample booze and are soon spiking soft drinks at Scotty’s Sandwiches, getting their girlfriends snockered, and committing vehicular homicide. After all, "Alcohol is a violent narcotic!" Jim even ends up on skid row, a "hopeless derelict." Remember: "Like dope addicts, one drinker can’t stand the sight of somebody not drinking!" So grab a cold one and prepare for scare. Scary says, "Trippin’ on Sid."

There’s a Message in Every Bottle (color): A big, swinging Russ Meyer-style soundtrack propels this colorful firewater epic about swingin’ teens with false I.D.s which jumps from crazy beach party antics to astronauts in space to tigers in cages. Wow. Then, oh geeeez, it all gets gross with some real-life car accident snuff footage -- no surprise since this was produced by EARLE DEEMS (Signal 30). The booze bottles even have scary faces painted on’ em! Scary says, "Firewater-world!"

Becky (b&w): An eerie short focusing on the death of 13 year-old Becky at the hands of a drunk driver. Dark, depressing, and sad. This is one to sober up to. Scary says, "Not a party movie!"

Alcohol In the Human Body (b&w): Super-crazy Sid Davis animated / stop-motion science lesson giving you the "instant dope" on alcohol. No moralizing, no death, no lectures, and no over-dubs make this somewhat of a curio from the Master of Social Disaster. Scary says, "Dynamite Davis’ softer approach!"

Far from Alone (b&w): Big-budget Women’s Temperance Union attack on alcohol involves a scandal which ensues after a high school quarterback refuses to appear on a television program which has a beer company for a sponsor. Questions of morality fly around willy-nilly but for a real buzz, try to watch the conclusion while inebriated. A doozey! Starring a young, pre-blonde SALLY FRASER (Giant from the Unknown) and JAMES LYDON (Strange Illusion). Directed by JEAN YARBROUGH (Hillbillies In a Haunted House). Scary says, "Temper, temper!"

Times 25 (color): Not-yet-President RONALD REAGAN shows up standing next to a mangled automobile railing about problem drinking. He asks a bunch of questions and says that if you answer yes to at least one you are a problem drinker. Or a Commie. Scary says, "Common sense from the man who pacified protests at Berkeley with batons!"
--Scarey Ed
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1940s - 1960s
Color: Color and B&W
Starring: Sally Fraser
Co-starring: Ronald Reagan

Boozers & Losers Vol.2

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