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  Sweeny Todd is one busy barber: He slits his customer's throats, cuts off rubber hands, screws and strangles a singer in a cheapo music hall, and has an affair with Maggie Lovett, who sells meat pies made of Sweeny's victims.
     As the advetising says: "Their Prim Cuts were curiously erotic...but thoroughly brutal!" No kidding.
     A blinking pervert is charged extra for pies with "the parts he wants," and a gabby housewife finds a surprise tit in one of hers. All in a strangely underpopulated 19th century London played, none too convincingly, by Staten Island.
     Sex, gore, incessant dialogue, awful cinematography, and a big scary drag queen. In other words, an Andy Milligan film. This used to play 42nd Street quite often (usually with Milligan's Torture Dungeon) where it would numb unruly audiences into stupefied silence.
     Who'd ever think Stephen Sondheim would make a musical out of this? -- Frank Henenlotter

Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: John Miranda
Co-starring: Annabella Wood
Other cast: Berwick Kaler
Directed by: Andy Milligan

Bloodthirsty Butchers (Adults Only!)

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