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I tawt I taw a puddytat! I did! I did! I saw a whole bunch of puddytats and they’re beating the crap out of people! Yes, filmlovers, it's revenge, puddytat style, in this wild Sick-Shit classic!

An interracial bevy of beauties from Miss Emerson’s School for Girls -- wearing short skirts and schoolgirl-style collared shirts -- are at knifepoint by a gang of seedy, drunken bastards led by JOHN PAUL JONES. Of course, being nasty bitches to begin with, these gals don’t take it lying down. Noooooo... They "learn how to fight back" by taking karate lessons and target practice and purchasing leather jackets with a snarling pussycat logo on the back, and become The Black Alley Cats -- an ebony and ivory female vigilante group that robs from the rich and gives to the poor.

In between their Robin-Hood-from-Hell-like raids on suburban affluence, they also schedule a return engagement with John Paul and his crew, beating the shit out of them with baseball bats and leaving them lying naked and bloody on Hollywood and Vine.

And when they’re not out bustin’ heads, they hang out at the School where their horny Headmistress practices "a hands-on" approach to education. A good deal of time is also spent in the steamy communal shower where lots of soapy beaver is happily on display.

But when one of the Cats is sexually abused by the kinky couple she babysits for (MARSHA JORDAN and NORMAN FIELD), her gang-sisters exact sexual revenge: they break in on a party Miss Jordan is having, take the money and jewelry from the upper-class snobs, then force USCHI DIGART and two other white chicks to have sex with the token black guy at the party: "You want to integrate? You’re gonna integrate!" These Cats have political claws in their sexual paws!

Of chief interest here is adorable SANDY DEMPSEY as one of the berserk Alley Cats. Watching Sandy launch karate kicks sans panties is one of the reasons God invented movies. Highly recommended. From the 35mm gang-bangin’ negative. Meow! (Or is it Me-Ouch?) -- Handsome Harry Archer

SKU: d4049
Format: Download
Year: 1972
Color: Color
Starring: Sandy Dempsey
Co-starring: Marsha Jordan
Other cast: Ushci Digart, Norman Field
Directed by: Henning Schellerup

Black Alleycats, The

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