It has been denounced as “revolting” (, “stomach-churning” ( and “shower-prompting” (Fandor), while simultaneously acclaimed as “bone-chilling” (Chas Balun), “truly classic” (The Spinning Image) and “a must-see” ( Now experience “D Amato’s masterpiece” ( like you’ve never seen or heard it before: Cinzla Monreale (THE BEYOND) and Franca Stoppi (THE OTHER HELL) star in this psycho sickie – set to a pounding score by Goblin. Severin is proud to present this sleaze-fest also known as BURIED ALIVE and BUIO OMEGA from director Joe D’Amato (ANTHROPOPHAGUS), restored in HD for the first time ever and packed with exclusive new Special Features.

Beyond the Darkness (2 Discs - Blu-Ray + CD)

SKU: 663390001790
  • Joe D’Amato: The Horror Experience
    The Omega Woman: Interview With Actress Franca Stoppi (17 Minutes)
    Goblin Reborn Perform Buio Omega Live 2016
    Locations Revisited
    Sick Love – An Interview With Actress Cinzia Monreale
    CD Soundtrack Blu-ray exclusive)

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