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"There’s nothing else in the world quite like the sight of a naked woman," said the ancient philosopher Lao-tsu. And if the Old Master wasn’t already dead for the past 2500 years, he’d be breathing heavy over the amazing naked sights in this tantalizing two hour volume of Asian Erotic Exotics!


Here, gathered from sources spanning from World War II to the Vietnam era, is a panopticon of undraped Oriental female pulchritude. In other words, lots of naked Asian babes! You’ll see lovely lotus flowers doing squats in scanty leopard-skin breech cloths, performing bare-bottomed bicycle kicks in bed, high-kicking in Vegas-style chorus lines, bumping and grinding in vintage burlesque shows, jiggling their juggies in sexy staged rhumba numbers, and, in the famous Japanese short Sherbet Nude, just lounging around and stretching now and then! Wow!


In addition, there’s an assortment of featurettes and film clips including Red Lights of Tokyo and a torrid scene from the erotic classic Boneless, where a Tokyo doll gets mauled by a scrawny middle-aged lecher in a bath house and two other geisha girls have a catfight! There’s also the off-the-wall short Office in which we peek up the skirts of a half dozen pretty Japanese secretaries before they dance in unison -- dressed, half-dressed, and undressed -- around their typewriter stands!


We then attend the girly shows in the red-neon Ginza district as a hemorrhoidal male informs us that, "Nudity has a place as part of the people’s way of life, just as a geisha has a place, and it is she, not this, who is the symbol of sex in Japan." Translated: ignore the bullshit and dig the chicks.


But the piéce de résistance (an old Japanese phrase) is a sequence about a girl who wanted to become one of the Awabi fisher girls. "I even cut my hair!" she tells us. Happily, she also gets naked which is the way these gals dive for conch. They’re all small breasted and muscular, and we follow them from the fishing boat down into the water sixty feet deep, kicking their strong lovely legs, their titties bobbing, their buns rippling, as they dig for shell food! Be still my deviate heart!


As if all this were not enough, there’s also numerous vintage black-and-white nudie cutie loops and peeps featuring the Eastern charms and pin-up delights of Macau, Siam, Bali, Hong Kong, and Calcutta! Even better, burlesque stripper MING TOY opens her kimono as she sips tea and strolls around the neighborhood wearing only a tiny parasol! And LOTUS WING, the Asian answer to Tempest Storm, shows why she was known as "The Oriental Typhoon"!


Confucius say, "Happiness is... Asian Erotic Exotics Volume 1." (He did. He really said that. Honest.) -- Don the Deviate, America Moralia


SKU: 35387
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1950s - 1960s
Color: B&W and Color
Starring: Ming Toy
Co-starring: Lotus Wing


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