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Two words: PAMELA GREEN.
Great Britain’s most famous nude model, Miss Green’s utterly perfect body appeared first in sets of photographic “views” before becoming a regular feature in Kamera magazine which she published with photographer (and former music-hall comic) HARRISON MARKS. She appeared in a number of mail-order nudie shorts Marks shot for private sale before making her big-screen debut in Michael Powell's classic Peeping Tom (1960) as Milly. But it was her starring role in 1961’s Naked As Nature Intended, England’s first official Nudie movie, that made the rest of the world take notice.

Essentially a dream-like travelogue with a naked punchline, Naked As Nature Intended follows Miss Green and four glamour-girl friends JACKIE SALT, PETRINA FORSYTH, BRIDGET LEONARD, and ANGELA JONES as they take a trip to… Stonehenge. Sure enough, that’s where they go and – oops! Pamela gets caught in a crack between rocks. Do they get naked here? Nooooo, not yet. Continuing to travel through the British countryside, they also visit “The Lorna Doone Couch” (whatever the hell that is), the fishing village of Clovelly, “King Arthur’s Castle,” and the beach at Lands End. Do they get naked here? Nooooo, not yet.

But when Pamela inadvertently scurries onto the private beach of a local nudist colony, she discovers her pals Bridget and Angela are already there. Do they get naked here? Yes, finally, yes, yes, yes! Jackie and Petrina also join them and all five are romping in the raw and throwing around a beach ball like it was the most fun thing any five naked humans could do.

The girls then take things a step further and visit the Terwyn Sun Club. Naked Pamela on a swing! Naked Pamela in a hammock! Naked ping-pong! Naked flower picking! Naked As Nature Intended!

Though Naked As Nature Intended was a hit in England – the U.S. release wasn’t until 1963 when Crown International altered the narration and released it under the shorter title As Nature Intended – Pamela Green only played bits and cameos in a handful of other films. She eventually left the world of modeling to become a full-time professional photographer. Similarly, Harrison Marks only made five more feature films including The Naked World of Harrison Marks (1965) and The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969). After dropping out of the business for a while, Marks eventually made a number of hardcore fetish videos in Germany such as The Spanking Academy of Dr. Blunt (1992) and Naughty Schoolgirls Revenge (1994).

And remember: “There’s nothing shocking about enjoying the complete physical freedom that nudity brings!”
From a 35mm print “Featuring a Bevy of Beauties Au Naturel ”! -- François Pinky

Trailer views: 0
SKU: 34274
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1961 England
Color: Color
Starring: Pamela Green
Co-starring: Jackie Salt
Other cast: Petrina Forsyth, Bridget Leonard
Directed by: Harrison Marks


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