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     This amusingly dated documentary opens the Statue of Liberty (as "America the Beautiful" plays over the credits) then, for no apparent reason, cuts to an homeless derelict lying on a sidewalk.
     Numerous man-on-the-street interviews ("What do you think of the American Sexual Revolution?" " don't think about it...") are intercut with a wonderfully nostalgic montages of Times Square and 42nd Street (as well as the smut centers of Baltimore, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, L.A., and Washington D.C.) highlighting the exteriors of peep shows, porn shops, strip joints, and theaters playing everything from triple-XXX to Gutter Trash, Love Camp 7, and BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. (Our favorite is a small, simple sign in a theater lobby happily advertising "Beaverama!")
     Among the hardcore highlights are CHERI ROSTAND and another lusty blonde who get it on with both a strap-on and photographer Bob. In the post-coitus interview, they discuss making porn for a living. (Cheri says she meets "some pretty far-out, groovy people" while the other blonde complains about guys "who can't get it up.")
     There's also a hardcore "print session" featuring a raunchy husband and wife modeling team who "really believe in what they're doing." And, for contrast, a grainy old stag film that looks about a million years old.
     Plus a look at the old 8-pagers, a chat with the publisher of sex film magazines, and a gay pride parade featuring a pickup truck carrying a giant jar of Vaseline.
     And remember, folks, "Let's work to make America the beautiful..." - Video Jones

SKU: 35718
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1971
Color: Color
Starring: Cheri Rostand
Directed by: John William Abbott

American Sexual Revolution (Adults Only !)

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