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Cautioned by her mom against "going all the way", All-American Debbie (PEGGY CHURCH) promises to save her ripe cherry for marriage, then promptly goes to her bedroom and masturbates, massaging her budding breasts and downy honeypot. She also fantasizes about sex with her boyfriend, Bobby, who’s just joined the Peace Corps and want to go all the way with Debbie before going all the way to Guatemala. He settles, however, for a handjob from Debbie which "makes him happy" -- and made the Deviate happy, too, for it’s one of the hottest and nastiest scenes in all of ’70s Soft-X Smutdom!


While Bobby’s away, Debbie "looks in" on her neighbors, the Goodmans. Mr. Goodman spanks Debbie’s taut tush, then gives her another kind of licking. Mrs. Goodman provides Debbie with a full body massage and yet another licking. Then, after helping Johnny Goodman with his homework, Debbie gives him a blowjob on the bathroom floor. True to her word, Debbie saves her cherry but "knows how to have fun anyway".


Later, Mr. Goodman handcuffs All-American Debbie and forces her to eat like an All-American dog. Then he blindfolds her and ties her naked to a bed, tickling her with a peacock feather. When Bobby returns from Guatemala, Debbie has been primed but good, and she drags his Peace-Corps ass to bed and finally goes all the way while planning all sorts of kinky sexual adventures for them in the future. The All-American Girl has become an All-American Swinger!


An early BOB CHINN production, distributed by MANUEL S. CONDE, and directed with a savage delight by MARK HAGGARD (and dedicated to "the Master of Erotic Film", Joe Sarno), The All-American Girl is a bona fide classic, an All-American delight featuring one of the most delectable young debs ever to grace the smut scene in some of the most arousing sexual situations ever devised by the prurient mind. A winner! (And don’t miss Haggard’s hump-happy followup, The All-American Woman!)


From a 35mm apple-pie-and-poontang negative. 2020 Re-Release Courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome.


-- Don the Deviate, American Moralia


Trailer views: 19993
SKU: 3589
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1972
Color: Color
Starring: Peggy Church
Co-starring: Alan Burton
Other cast: Andy Mitchell , Paul Berry
Directed by: Mark Haggard


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