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  What a cast! Sexploitation fans will be fanning their penises over this all-star lineup! That turbo-bodied tigress USCHI DIGART has gathered together her coital colleagues - including SANDY DEMPSEY, SANDI CAREY, MARIA ARNOLD, PEGGY CHURCH, BARBARA MILLS, and MINDY BRANDT - for some thermonuclear balling.

Lord have mercy... From the 35mm hospital humping negative.- Mike Accomando, Dreadful Pleasures

Format: DVD-R
Year: 1971
Color: Color
Starring: Uschi Digart
Co-starring: Sandy Dempsey
Other cast: Maria Arnold, Sandi Carey, Peggy Church, Mindy Brandt, Barbara Mills
Directed by: Joseph F. Robertson(15**

A Touch of Sweden (Adults Only!)

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