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   Here’s another oddball surprise: an obscure shot-in-Manhattan horror/sex film, heavy on both atmosphere and skin, by the late one-man-sex-film-factory CHUCK VINCENT (While the Cat’s Away) under one of his oft-used pseudonyms. Even more surprising: it’s pretty damn good. 
     Pretty Anna Reed is happily shopping in the Big Apple one day when she stops at a phone booth to make a call. Suddenly, she hears heavy breathing. Loud heavy breathing. And not coming from the phone but from...well...everywhere at once. All of the other sounds of the city suddenly disappear — as do the people — until Anna is walking Carnival of Souls-like through the empty, silent streets of New York. Meanwhile, almost subliminal images of dead people flash on the screen as the voice keeps badgering her - "Anna... Anna, wait for us.... Wait for us...."

 In other words, not the usual Chuck Vincent film. Nicely photographed with some exceedingly well-shot location scenes, Voices of Desire is the kind of brooding, off kilter sex film there’s just too few of. And, of course, more proof of why New York was once known as "Fun City." 
     From a 35mm " this video" print.
      — Handsome Harry Archer

Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Liyda Cassell
Co-starring: Marlene Willoughby
Other cast: Darby Lloyd Rains, Roger Caine
Directed by: Chuck Vincent ("Mark Ubell")

Voices of Desire (Adults Only!)

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