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An ambitious young filmmaker is plunged into the twisted mind of a celebrated horror author as the pair collaborates on a film so frightening that it could consume them both body and soul. 25 year old Alessio Rinaldi has just been presented with the opportunity of a lifetime; best-selling writer Ubaldo Terzani is about to scripting his latest horror film and a producer has just recruited Rinaldi to help form the story. In order to work more efficiently, Rinaldi moves in with Terzani. Meanwhile, as the nervous up and comer gets a glimpse into his collaborator's dark, vast imagination, the walls of sanity quickly begin to crumble. As his fractured psyche begins to slip, Rinaldi must free himself of Terzani's malevolent grasp before sanity becomes a distant memory. (17**)

Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show

SKU: 816018010296
  • Audo Commentary by Gabriele Albanesi and Antonio Tentori; Screen Test of Laura Gigante; Braccati a short film by Gabriele Albanesi; 2 Trailers

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