As one would expect from a set with the title, “We Hate the ’80s,” the base set aims at retro gags. TV, movies, fashion, video games and major events are just some of the themes to expect. The full set has 180 total cards (90 gags with the traditional a/b name variations). Like other recent releases in the main GPK line, the checklist is broken down into several smaller subsets, each with a specific theme.

Parallels return, recognizable by their different border colors and patterns. Regular hobby and retail packs each have a Puke parallel while Hobby Collector packs have an exclusive Bruised parallel. Other Hobby Collector-only versions include Spit (/99) and Bloody Nose (/75). As for retail parallels, Pee Yellow are one per retail gravity feed pack. Fool’s Gold cards are numbered to 50 copies each but are not exclusive to a specific pack type. Printing Plates are also available.

2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: We Hate the ’80s has some premium inserts as well. Artist Autographs, manufactured Patch cards, Shaped Sketch Cards, Dual Artist Panoramic Sketch Cards and Printing Plates all combine to land one per Hobby Collector box. All of these are exclusives to the premium packs other than the autographs and plates, which can be found in other pack types as well.

Regular hobby boxes don’t have any guaranteed hits but regular sketch cards are exclusive to those types of packs.