Hitting you like a brick to the face, this simple story of a conman with eyes on a family’s hotel business becomes a horrifying fever dream of ghosts and gore: the gruesome visage of a vengeful spirit seeks her unseen murderer; a supernatural virus fills its victims with squirming, slithering things which burst and ooze from their mouths and flesh; while a witch offers equally grisly and unsettling cures.


Like a distant cousin of Fulci’s disturbing dream logic, Jen-Chieh Chang disturbs and disorients with a messy mélange of atrocities in this slimy specimen of Taiwanese Horror. Massacre Video proudly presents THE DEVIL for the first time in HD, with a brand new 4K restoration from original elements!


* Brand New UNCUT 4K Scan from the Moldtastic Original Camera Negative

* Uncompressed PCM Mandarin Audio

* Newly Translated English Subtitles and Captions (for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

* Alternative Video Cut transferred from the Original 1″ Master with English and Mandarin Audio and Optional English Captions

* Alternative Video Title Sequence

* 35mm Theatrical Trailer

* Mandarin Video Trailer

* English Video Trailer

* Stills Gallery

* Trailers for Other Massacre Video titles

Color, 86 minutes, in Mandarin Chinese


Region All.

Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1

PCM Stereo

Production year:  1981 in Taiwan

Director:  Jen-Chieh Chang

Cast:  Shao Tung Chou, Bao-Yu Wang, Hung Lieh Chen

The Devil (Massacre Video) (Blu-Ray All Region)

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