“You have to understand something,” says 14-year-old John Robinson. “I really liked Fran. I mean, I wanted her to be my girlfriend!” Instead, Francesca Bailey is found dead – strangled with her own panties on Friday the 13th no less. And since she was last seen walking through the Canadian countryside with angelic-faced John (beautifully played by ANDREW SKIDD), he’s arrested for murder as the police, forensic experts and, eventually, the courts try to determine if young Mr. Robinson is really an innocent, rather decent boy-next-door… or a Teenage Psycho Killer.

Unfolding a few days before the murder, John and his friends – a group of ordinary kids (nerdy fat boy, a nasty thug-in-the-making, a couple of horny girls, etc.) – spend the summer flirting with masturbation, making out at the movies, wrestling on the ground, and talking about “doing it” before riding home on their bicycles. (One of the film’s many strengths is its honest attitude toward young teens and their sexuality.) But wh