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The life of a beautiful, young and pious woman is thrown into chaos when her parents takes in a dashingly handsome lodger. Having embarked on a torrid affair, the lodger goes off to Rome to seek a divorce from his estranged wife.

Unable to live apart from her beloved, our hero leaves home only to fall prey to the infatuations and lusts of a band of noble admirers, unsavory criminals and utopian do-gooders…(23**

The only feature Walerian Borowczyk (The Beast, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne) made in his native Poland, Story of Sin transforms Stefan Zeromski’s classic melodrama into a deliriously surrealistic meditation on l’amour fou.(2) 

Story of Sin

SKU: 760137977285
  • • 2K restoration from the original film negative
    • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
    • New subtitle translation
    • Audio Commentary by Sam Deighan and Kat Ellinger
    • New 2K restorations from the original negatives of Borowczyk’s ground-breaking Polish shorts: Once Upon a Time (co-directed by Jan Lenica), Dom (co-directed by Lenica) and The School, with optional audio commentaries by art historian Szymon Bojko (Once Upon a Time), composer Wlodzimierz Kotonsk (Dom) and Daniel Bird (The School)
    • New introduction by poster designer Andrzej Klimowski
    • The First Sinner, a new interview with Story of Sin lead actor Grazyna Dlugolecka
    • The Music Box, film critic and documentarian David Thompson on the use of classic music in Borowczyk's films
    • Stories of Sin, a video essay by Daniel Bird (co-founder Friends of Walerian Borowczyk) concerning the director's obsessions
    • Miscellaneous, a video essay on Borowczyk and Lenica's contributions to newsreels and documentaries on art history
    • Street Art, a short news reel documentary about poster art co-written by Borowczyk
    • Tools of the Trade, an interview with Juliusz Zamecznik, son of photographer and graphic artist Wojciech Zamecznik
    • Poster Girl, an interview with poster artist, illustrator and print maker Theresa Byszewska, who appears (briefly) in Dom
    • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Andrzej Klimowski

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