Benoît Landrieux, the idle and depraved son of a rich industrialist has two chance encounters on the same day that will change his life forever – Jean-Pierre, a young tearaway who is trying to steal his car, and Isabelle, 20 years old, whom he saves from being raped by her stepfather. Benoît is a coward and a voyeur who gets his kicks from watching other couples make out. He cajoles his two new companions to attempt what he has never dared do – rob the safe in his father’s factory, seduce his stepmother to blackmail her for money, and finally go so far as committing murder. Thus begins a wild ride that takes them to the very edge of madness.


Director Claude Mulot made this film under the pseudonym of Frédéric Lansac, the name of a character from his previous horror hit THE BLOOD ROSE. SINS OF THE FLESH marks the start of his transition from softcore films to full-on hardcore which was confirmed by his next release, PUSSY TALK – one of the most controversial French films of all time. But SINS OF THE FLESH also shows Mulot’s background in horror cinema. He presents Benoît as a cunning and complex psychopath, a man who smiles and wears expensive clothes, while inside lurks a monster. The film stars Jess Franco favorite Anne Libert (EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN) and comes in a brand new 4k restoration with a host of original extra features.

Color, 90 minutes in English and French, with English subtitles

Region All.

Widescreen 1.66:1

DTS-HD MA 2.0 Stereo

Production year:  1974 in France

Director:  Claude Mulot

Cast:  Anne Libert, Francis Lemonnier, Patrick Penn, Barbara Sommers, Georges Gueret, Katia Tchenko, Robert Lombard


Special Features:

Brand new 4k transfer from a film negative, digitally restored.

Interview with actress Anne Libert.

Interview with Gerard Kikoine.

Interview with distributor Francis Mischkind.

Interview with assistant director Didier Philippe-Gérard.


Alternate title sequences.

Optional newly created English subtitles.

Sins of the Flesh (Mondo Macabro) (Blu-Ray All Region)

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