A modern dreamlike crime thriller from writer/director Adam Sherman. Tao Okamoto, Haruka Abe, and Loka k-pop star Kihiro star in SHE’S JUST A SHADOW. A beautiful Japanese madam. A deranged, drug-addled Tokyo gangster and his crew. A sadistic serial killer on the loose. The intersection of these stories, and the interior worlds of these characters, plays out against a dreamlike backdrop of ultra-violence and orgiastic sex as everyone tries futilely to rewrite their futures and cheat death. A dreamlike yet modern take on the gangster genre, SHE’S JUST A SHADOW is the action-packed story of a matriarchal crime family engaged in a vicious gang war, while a deranged killer is leaving his victims on railroad tracks all over Tokyo. The only thing more dangerous than the killer is the vicious love triangle within the family itself.

She’s Just A Shadow

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