n this giant-sized issue: WE ALL GO A LITTLE MAD SOMETIMES. Fifty years ago Marion met Norman at the Bates Motel and the modern horror film was born. Rue Morgue's panel of experts celebrates the lunatic legacy of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece. Featuring Wes Craven, assistant director Hilton Green, and authors Stephen Rebello and David Thomson. Plus, a look at Bernard Herrmann's score, a new documentary on the film, sequel spotlights, and more! Also covered in this issue; William Peter Blatty relives the enduring legacy of The Exorcist, an interview with the creator of Iron Maiden's 'Eddie' Derek Riggs, the strange history of the Jack-O-Lantern, and so much more! 


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RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE #105 The Exorcist Psycho Wes Craven Iron Maiden Derek Riggs


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