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Stacy Keach is Pat Quid, a loan trucker who always plays games to keep his sanity on long hauls through the desolate Australian outback. Jamie Lee Curtis is a free - spirited hitchiker looking for excitement with a game of her own. And somewhere up ahead, on the lonliest highway in the world, is a psychopathic killer - a latter day Jack the Ripper, whose game is picking up young female hitchhikers, raping, killing and dismembering them before burying their remains on the desolate Nullabor Plains. But when Quid's innocent curiosity turns into amateur sleuthing, the killer decides to raise the stakes... and the rules of this road take some very deadly turns. (49**)


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  • Feature taken from a brand new 4k master Audio Commentary with Producer/Director Richard Franklin. Kangaroo Hitchcock: The Making of ""Road Games"" - Featurette with Producer/Director Richard Franklin and Actor Stacy Keach. 2 Hour lecture on the making of Road Games from Franklin/Taylor/May - 20/11/1980 Stills Gallery Theatrical Trailer

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