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Killing Is An Art Form

When agent Picasso Trigger is killed by arch-criminal Miguel Ortiz, the Agency decides to send a trio of female agents out with the task of bringing Ortiz down. Our agents must use all of their skills, specialized weaponry and their physical attributes in order to track down Trigger’s killer.

“If what you want is a speedboat chase in which the hero cannot shoot straight, lots of busty babes in bikinis (or less) carrying enough weaponry to fight a small war, crooks guilty of everything from drug-smuggling to snuff movies and white slavery, and a scattering of throwaway one-liners, Picasso Trigger fits the bill, perfectly.” –  Arlene Wood, VideoVista


Steve Bond (TV’s General Hospital)

Dona Speir (Hard Ticket to Hawaii)

Hope Marie Carlton (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master)

  • All new 4K transfer by the American Genre Film Archive
  • First time ever available in widescreen, High Definition with DTS-HD MA and English Subtitles
  • Features Audio commentary, trailers and behind-the-scenes footage

Picasso Trigger

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