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C'mon, get happy! TV's favorite family of Rock N' Rollers are back on the bus and ready to groove to the songs you remember: "I Think I Love You", "I Woke Up In Love", Somebody Wants To Love You". The groups six members feature Mom, Shirley Partridge (Shirley Jones) always trying to keep home life normal, and the kids: Keith (David Cassidy), the teen idol; Laurie (Susan Dey), a junior feminist; Danny (Danny Bonaduce), the financial wizard: Chris (Brian Forster), the family drummer; and Tracy (Suzanne Crough), the constant questioner. Let's not forget their exasperated manager Reuben Kinkaid (Dave Madden) always trying to help push their careers along. The series debuted in September of 1970 and helped sell millions of records along the way. Jump back on the bus and get happy again with THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY you remember.

Partridge Family Season 1

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