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THE N-WORD WAS CREATED IN OUR COUNTRY--it goes into the epic and period known as THE ERA OF RACISM & RACIST VALUES. Most of us know that now--so why is the n-word still a part of our reality aside from the fact it has made some people millions of dollars--but then--the word "whutz-up" has been used in billion-dollar campaigns, as well. But still the smell and feel of that pungent word still sticks to our consciousness and being. TO BE AN AMERICAN is to accept the fact that the n-word will be blight on your consciousness. It cuts deep into our American souls but this period is the first time the AfricanAmerican-lineage males are using it freely to make money, to curse at America, and feel its power and its blight. THIS, I SAY, IS A NORMAL DEVELOPMENT.(2)

N Word: Divided We Stand

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