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Set five years after the events of 1962 Topps Mars Attacks, every hobby box set includes one sketch, one other hit, the full base set, and 25 parallels.

2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge Base

Offering the direct sequel to the '62 set, collectors can find 110 base cards split into two groups. The first 55 cards are colored drawings that push the plot along, while the remaining 55 cards are pencil are reprints of the sketches used in the creation of the set. Gary Carlson supplies the text and Brent Engstrom, Fred Harper and Layron DeJarnette provide the artwork.

n addition to 25 Emerald Green parallels per hobby box, 2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge also features other limited parallels, including Yellow (#/199), Red (#/99), Black(#/55), Bronze (#/25), Silver (#/10), and Gold (#/2).

2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge Hits

Among several options, 2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge offers one Sketch card per box. Beyond the standard hand-drawn cards are die-cut Shaped Sketch, fold-out Panoramic Sketch, and Loaded Puzzle Sketch inserts, which utilize four regular sketches to form one larger image. Commemorative Medallions relics display either an alien spacecraft or ray gun with limited parallels.

Mirroring the base set are the Artist Autograph cards and Len Brown Co-Creator Autographs. Brown was the original writer for the 1962 set. Finally, Printing Platescover the 55 painted illustrations with one-of-one Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow editions. (33)

mars attacks the revenge cards

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