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Doesn’t every guy want to be a rock & roll babe magnet? Yeah, sure they do, and that’s exactly the goal of this Lust Combo, a band in search of a one-night stand.

Driving to their latest gig at a Memphis roadhouse, Vince, Jim, and Mike --"The Three Easy Pieces" -- each fantasize about the "dream girls" they hope are waiting for them at the end of their gig: mini-skirt wearing beauties who blow kisses, glide on swings to display glimpses of their dream crotches, and otherwise strike dream-girl poses. Well, they can dream can’t they?

Meanwhile, in Memphis, Eileen and Cindy are two bored Southern housewives whose husbands are out of town. Bored? These gals are hornier than armadillos in rut. Eileen’s a bovine blonde with 3-inch eyelashes and a face right off some tragic front-page tabloid. In preparation for her night on the town, she also takes the noisiest shower we’ve ever heard. We don’t know what her skin is made of but the sound of the water hitting her body is so exaggerated and hilariously raucous, it’s like aluminum siding being hosed down!

Cindy, by contrast, is a genuine regional piece of ass. Cute as a chipmunk, she has a drawl as thick as molasses and the most pertinent tits this side of the Mason-Dixon line.
They both get dolled up and check out the band who are rockin’ to a practically empty house and thus have no trouble picking up the only women in the place. Vince and Jim tackle Eileen and Cindy. A short round of "Strip Spin the Bottle" sends them all into a sexual frenzy. Mike, the black drummer, invites Chlorine -- a hot Creole chick with an incomprehensively twangy French accent -- back to his four star hotel room: "For a white chick, you’re a good dancer!"

Yes, the Three Easy Pieces score big with these Three Easy Pieces of Ass. Cindy’s tits are a joy to behold but Eileen and Vince forget they’re supposed to be doing softcore so you may want to have your finger on the slo-mo button. These broads may not be the dream girls we saw at the beginning but they’ll do, and Eileen will do more! A squalid bit of Smut for the slimy connoisseur.

From a 35mm print "in Lusticolor." -- 
Handsome Harry Archer

SKU: 3211
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Linda LaLane
Co-starring: Scott Randa
Other cast: Cheri Parks, Ron Mitchell

Lust Combo (Adults Only !)

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