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Transferred from an original pre-record source.


DVD created * ON DEMAND * Using a Top Quality DVD R Disc 
100% 1:1 Digital DVD Transfer from VHS or Broadcast Source- A/V Quality 9/10 - Best Available Transfer for this film!

This title is very rare, has never been released to DVD and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

All DVDs are Region Free NTSC (North American) format unless otherwise specified.

I Was A Teenage Frankenstein DVD for sale 1957 Whit Bissell
DVD Synopsis and information:
A modern Professor Frankenstein, played by Whit Bissell, is a university lecturer who just happens to have an alligator pit under his house. He is also a mad scientist of sorts that is fascinated with the idea of creating his own 'creation' which just so happens to be the sad case of a teenage boy who was the victim of a horrific accident. The teenage Frankenstein, played by Gary Conway, has no idea of the horrors in store for him at the hands of the evil and sinister Dr. Frankenstein. 

This Dr. Frankenstein (Bissell) steals body parts and reassembles a creature out of dead athletes body parts salvaged from the wreckage of a recently crashed airplane. The good Dr. ends up building a hunky teen male monster with a horribly mangled face, which goes on a massive killing spree, all with the good doctor's stamp of approval and direction. 

I Was A Teenage Frankenstein 1957 DVD is a classic late 50s horror take on the Frankenstein story. I Was A Teenage Frankenstein DVD is a must own for any classic 50s horror movie fan. I Was A Teenage Frankenstein DVD remains one of the most popular classic teen horror films from the 50s. 

Cast: Whit Bissell, Phyllis Coates, Robert Burton, Gary Conway
Directors: Herbert L. Strock
Format: Black & White, Color, NTSC, HiFi Sound
Language: English
Rated:Not Rated
Runtime: 72 minutes

I Was A Teenage Frankenstein (Dvd-R)

  • NOTE: This is a manufacture on demand item of a long out of print or unreleased film/television program.   Fee is for transfer services only.  it is our understanding that no organization currently has rights to this item in North America.  If you have information as to a legitimate rights holder, please contact us with the information and halting of sales of this item will take effect upon confirmation of information and such information will be passed on to the transfer company.

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