No Parisian is safe from Fantômas (Helmut Berger, The Godfather: Part III), the masked serial killer who kills ruthlessly whenever it suits his purpose. Always a few steps behind is the frustrated Inspector Juve (Jacques Dufilho, Nosferatu the Vampyre), the policeman obsessed with capturing and unmasking Fantômas. Their dynamic of murderer vs. hopeful avenger has captured the world’s imagination ever since it was first introduced in 1911 in the novels by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre.
Esteemed French directors Claude Chabrol (The New Wave) and Jean Luis Buñuel combine realism, fantasy and a dash of early ‘80s camp to these made-for-television versions of Fantômas. Fantômas is the smartest and the baddest of the bad guys, and each generation discovers something new to savor about his evil and the drive to bring him to justice.

Fantomas (1964)

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