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THE ENTITY is easily one of the most unfairly maligned films ever made. Most critics take exception to the frankness in which the "rape" scenes are depicted, deeming them sensationalistic and trashy. Well sorry folks. To drive home the terror that this women is feeling, I think its appropriate to show us in a brutal fashinon exactly what is happening to her.
The acting is top notch. Barbara Hershy is fantastic, hands down!The material is treated incredibly seriously and it contains some great music and truly moody cinematography! Granted, the finale is a little out of control and a TAD far fetched, but this is a ghoststory afterall. Just suspend your disbelief kiddies...
I wont rattle on and anilyze it too much. If you havent seen it, give it a go. You will no doubt want to leave the lights on.....   (43)

Entity, The

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