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Do you ever picture yourself as a big-shot Hollywood director? Well, even big names like Spielberg had to start somewhere, and the Sci-Fi Movie Making Kit can be your first step into the bright lights of film-making.

The kit includes a city backdrop scene, a 3D-card alien, buildings, laser-shooting spacemen, interstellar critters, and UFO’s that are guaranteed to comply with your slightest whim without causing any nasty contract disputes to throw off your schedule.

Use your camera or smartphone to film your masterpiece, and then use apps to add special effects to give your future blockbuster that audience-pleasing wow factor. Once your movie is complete, you can share your artistic vision with others by uploading it to the Internet, but don’t waste time pouring over the rave reviews because your next masterpiece is waiting.

Emporium Make Your Own Sci-Fi Movie Kit

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