“One of Hammer’s better films, not only of that particular decade, but from their entire catalogue” – The Telltale Mind

In Victorian London, young Dr. Jekyll attempts to create an “Elixir of Life” using female hormones stolen from the glands of fresh corpses. But when Jekyll drinks the experimental potion himself, he is transformed into a beautiful woman with an unstoppable taste for mayhem. Can both fiendish personalities share a rampage of ghastly murder and perverse desire, or will the ultimate battle of the sexes rage within?

Ralph Bates (Horror Of Frankenstein, Lust For A Vampire) and Martine Beswick (One Million Years B.C.) star in this gender-bending twist on the classic tale that horror fans consider one of the most provocative shockers in Hammer history

Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde (Scream Factory)

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