At a dig in rural Mexico, a British industrialist accidentally unleashes an ancient evil: a severed hand, possessed by a vengeful demon, that attacks, kills, and takes over the hand and mind of anyone who interferes with its ruthless quest for violence. Determined to stop the bloodshed, the wife of the industrialist (Samantha Eggarb) joins forces with a renegade priest (Stuart Whitmanb), but will they be able to conquer the evil hand before the forces of hell overtake them?PiDEMONOIDi is a classic slice of early 80s horror sleaze, full of outrageous and violent deaths, ludicrous plot twists and a pounding musical score.PBonus Features:bBR1. New 2K Restoration from the Original 35mm Negative!BR2. Video Interview with Director Alfredo ZacariasBR3. 2K Restoration of the Alternate International Version, iMACABRAiBR4. Theatrical TrailerBR5. Plus More!