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   Sex, drugs, and a rubber monster mask in another Argentinean rarity from EMILIO VIEYRA, the director of The Curious Dr. Humpp!
A couple making out on a beach at night see a creepy figure ("Man, he’s spooky looking!") dump the body of a woman with a syringe protruding from her bloody breast: "All this is the work of a sadist!" Driving his Porsche back home, the creepy figure is actually a guy in a booga-booga rubber mask and pair of claws. He enters his beach house and immediately wakes up naked, stoned Louisa who passionately kisses his rubber lips as he feels up her breast. Then he plays his organ.

Though not as over-the-top and delirious as The Curious Dr. Humpp (but, hell, what is?), there’s still nothing quite like watching naked young women making it with a guy in a Halloween mask. (It also gives new meaning to the expression "wearing a rubber.")
           Filmed in ten days in 1965 on a beach in Paraguay, and titled Placer Sangriento in Argentina, this was first released in the U.S. as Deadly Organ in 1967 (complete with a psychedelic ad campaign), then rereleased as Feast of Flesh (on a double bill with Night of the Bloody Apes!) which shouldn’t be confused with Brad Grinter’s shot-in-Florida Flesh Feast (starring Veronica Lake and Hitler).
           From the 35mm "Turned-On-and-Tuned-In!" rerelease negative. Syringe not included.    -- Frank Henenlotter
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1967
Color: B&W Argentina
Starring: Gloria Prat
Co-starring: Maurico de Ferraris
Other cast: Ricardo Bauleo
Directed by: Emilio Vieyra

Deadly Organ (Adults Only!)

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