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Colonel John Hogan (David Campbell) is getting out of prison, almost 30 years after his mercenary training facility was a failure. And he's got his sights fixated on one thing: revenge. He had went up against Vietnam vet Mike Danton (Ted Prior), a hardened soldier he'd trained himself, and lost. Now he's aiming to put Mike Danton through hell all over again with a new set of mercenaries and a new training facility. And not only that, Hogan's planning on broadcasting the entire exercise online, to prove to the world who the better man truly is.

Mike Danton is kidnapped once again and is forced into the mercenary exercise as a "Runner", having to be the target of hunting mercenaries who want him dead. Danton promises Hogan in their face to face encounter before the exercise that he will kill all of Hogan's men and save him for last (17**)

Deadliest Prey

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