(W) Mel Smith, Clark K. Castillo (A) Alex Nino, Craig Hamilton (CA) Alex Nino

It began as a little fishing trip but turned into a living nightmare of damnation, for four friends and their boats crew, as the coastlines of the world spilled over to be infested with flesh-eating zombies. Trapped on a floating ocean prison scavanging for 18 lonely months a large cruise liner sailed into view. Laden as it would be with enough supplies guarentee their survival. That is if they manage to survive the 4,000 zombies walking on board for them! The critical zombie hit series from Image comics is now collected into a beautiful hardcover with dust jacket. Beautifully showcasing the amazing artwork of Alex Nino in all its gory glory! And featuring 10 new pages of story artwork by Craig  Hamilton (Aquaman, Fables).



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