• Paperback: 348 pages
  • Publisher: Dell Publishing Co., Inc. (Jan. 1 1978)
  • The book is divided into two sections- one for Gothic High fantasy and the other Gothic Low fantasy. As explained in the introduction "Gothic" is in essence our fear of and fascination with the unknown. High fantasy is set in imaginary worlds (Tolkien and fairies) and Low fantasy is set in the "real" (or at least realistic) world (Poe and ghosts). I personally tend to prefer "low fantasy" but I enjoyed every story in the book which is saying a lot since I am not a huge fan of some of the authors (Le Guin). I couldn't pick a favorite but must admit that the final story, Peter S. Beagle's "Lila the Werewolf" had me laughing.

    At the time of this writing the book description doesn't include content information so I'll provide it here:

    Gothic High Fantasy: Cross Purposes by George MacDonald, The Woman of the Wood by A. Merritt, The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune by Robert E. Howard, Werewoman by C. L. Moore, The Enchantress of Sylaire by C.A. Smith, The Unholy Grail by Frits Leiber, from "Three Hearts and Three Lions" by Poul Anderson, and Darkness Box by Ursula Le Guin.

    Gothic Low Fantasy: The Brown Hand by Arthur Conan Doyle, The Habitants of Middle Islet by William H. Hodgson, Smith and the Pharaohs by H. Rider Haggard, The Dance of Death by Algernon Blackwood, The Haunter of the Dark by H. P. Lovecraft, The Troll by T. H. White, The Crowd by Ray Bradbury and Lila the Werewolf by Peter S. Beagle. (45)

Dark Imaginings: A Collection of Gothic Fantasy

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