"Don’t you ever chip?" Yup, that’s what he calls it. "Chipping." It’s also the pressing moral dilemma faced by office co-workers Paul Devlin and Tom Chandler, two very horny bastards married to drop-dead gorgeous women who just won’t put out for them anymore. Paul — a bit of a bullshit artist — easily convinces Tom — something of a straight arrow with a dull tip — that "banging out a strange piece of ass" is the best thing for a faltering marriage. Furthermore, "the stuff they get on the outside" will more than make up for the stuff they’re not getting at home. But what our boys don’t know is that, behind their backs, their pretty little wives have been on their backs providing a strange piece of ass for countless strangers on a daily basis.

Let the games begin!

Yes, totally bored with their husbands in bed, horny Hollywood-Hills housewives Linda Devlin and Pat Chandler have become Matinee Wives. For some time now, they’ve been turning "matinee tricks" (screw-speak for daytime dalliances) with the horny hubbies of other frigid suburban housewives — all part of a community service organized and arranged — for a small fee — by housewife-turned-madam Kay Gavin (CHRISTINE MURRAY of Trader Hornee), a supersexed entrepreneurial vixen who likes to "curl up with a warm vibrator" each morning to jump-start her day. Go Kay!

So, of course, when Paul and Tom make plans for some "outside stud," who do you suppose they call? That’s right: the vibrant Madam Kay herself! And who do you suppose she sets them up with? Right again: each other’s wives! But the kicker is: no one knows this, neither the husbands nor the wives, as they’re all chipping under false names and no one has met the other’s spouse before! So all four are swapping partners and no one’s the wiser. Neat, no?

In the role of Pat Chandler, the tall sinewy foreign-sounding blond