What Price Freedom (1948, color) While on a business trip in Germany, American capitalist, Larry Miller, crosses over the iron Curtain to East Berlin! He immediately discovers that it’s a gray dismal Commie hellhole where his American dollars are worthless. Larry meets friendly fraulein Ilsa at the market. She becomes his tour guide, and even points out to the wary tourist that the government still permits some churches. When they part ways, Larry follows her to a communist factory workers meeting where he witnesses anti-American propaganda being espoused. However, brave Ilsa speaks up and exclaims that real peace can only come from God. And where did she get such reactionary and dangerous ideas that could put her in a labor camp? The Bible! Freedom comes from the Lord, even under tyranny. God Bless America!
We Too Receive (1944, b&w) WWII Air Force pilot, John, took religion for granted until his plane was shot down over the Pacific. Parachuting down to an island, injured and pursued by the Japs, wounded John hides in the jungle until some Christian natives come to his aid. If it wasn’t for foreign missionaries converting these heathens, John would have been a goner!
Alternatives (1960, color) Conscientious objectors get a bad rap, so “religious and peace organizations” sponsored this bizarre animated educational short explaining why some people choose not to go to war for religious reasons, finding other non-combative ways to serve their country. 
Eden USA (1966, color) Americans are living longer and have more leisure time, so what should one do with those extra hours? Why, go to church of course!
Queen of Sheba (1954, color) Perky Miss GEORGIA LEE (HOOPES) welcomes two kiddies over for an afternoon of amusing song, dance and storytelling! She, as the Queen of Sheba, and ROBERT CLARKE (Hideous Sun Demon, The Astounding She Monster), as the queen’s agent, reenact a scene from the Bible about wise King Solomon who got greedy, willfully disobeyed God, and was promptly punished with death. Miss Georgia Lee married a preacher and went from making wholesome Christian films to appearing in Linda Lovelace for President and Switchblade Sisters. Nonetheless, she still kept the Lord close in her heart.
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1940s - 1960s
Color: Color & BW
Starring: Georgia Lee Hoopes
Co-starring: Robert Clarke

Christian Scare Films Vol.15


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