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A tribute to "The Aurora Monster Kits", and the talented people responsible for bringing them to life during the "Monster Craze" of the 1960's, starting with the 1957 release of the classic horror films to TV, called "Shock Theatre". Join legendary horror host, "ZACHERLEY, The Cool Ghoul" and sidekick. "GORGO", as they discover the fun and excitement of model building. Finding inspiration along the way, through interviews with Aurora's cover artist: JAMES BAMA, sculptor: RAY MEYERS, and project developer: ANDREW YANCHUS. Including actors DANIEL ROEBUCK and JEFF YAGHER, as well as other artists & illustrators sharing their thoughts and memories of those endearing models that have left an indelible impression, earning a special place in Americana. This two hour DVD features in-depth interviews, a wax sculpture demonstration, rare photos, sketches & promotional material related to Aurora, never seen by the public. - 1hour 45 minutes, plus a "Zacherley, behind-the-scenes" bonus feature. First volume in the series - "LEGENDS OF FILM & FANTASY" presented by "THE WITCH'S DUNGEON" (See our other documentary, "THE WITCH'S DUNGEON 40 YEARS OF CHILLS")(14)

Aurora Monsters, The (Dvd)

SKU: 884501801188
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