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ORGAN: Yakuza are stealing and selling body parts, and they have taken a Tokyo police officer as one of their victims. The limbless officer's brother investigates the crime and encounters Yoko, the evil leader of the syndicate. Meanwhile, the officer's body is used for experiments by Yoko's biology-teaching brother, who keeps the limbless corpse animated with the blood of high school virgins.EVIL DEAD TRAP: A talk show hostess asks her viewers to send in home videos to profile on her program, and she gets more than she bargained for when she receives a horrific snuff video of extraordinary brutality. Nami and her crew set out to follow the path of the video, locating the abandoned factory where the crime took place. But someone--or something--is waiting for their arrival, and is intent on torturing and killing them one by one.ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN: A group of models on a photo shoot in the woods decide to hide out in an abandoned cabin when a dense fog rolls in. Soon a mud covered monster emerges from the swamp to stalk the beautiful models one by one. The women become victims of horrific sex attacks and a savage massacre at the hands of the beast.ENTRAILS OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN: In this sequel to ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN, a woman doctor is savagely attacked by members of an evil Japanese Yakuza cult. After being raped and injected with a drug called Angel Rain the doctor commits suicide. Soon after the doctors untimely death a young psychologist infiltrates the gang to avenge the doctors death. When the gang learns of her deception she is brutally killed. Her death brings a savage payback to everyone involved in her death.(12)


Product Details
Edition:4-Disc Set, Limited Edition
Number of Discs:4
Rating:Not Rated
Film Country:Japan


Additional Details
Genre:Foreign Films
Display Format:4-Disc Set, Limited Edition


Asian Cult Cinema: Extreme Horror Collection

SKU: 654930304198
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