A loser gets a chance to see his wildest dreams come true in this adults-only comedy. Melvin Finklefarb (Douglas Stone) is a nerdy would-be writer who runs an antique shop while he tries to get his literary career off the ground, much to the annoyance of his nagging mother (Ultramax). Melvin doesn't have much luck with women, and frequently sneaks off to a nearby porn theater to watch the latest XXX releases; one day, en route to the movies, he finds an old vase, and discovers it's the home of Genie (Karen Craig), a magical spirit who can grant him five wishes (since three don't go as far as they once did). Melvin would like to have the sort of adventures his favorite porn stars enjoy on screen; he asks to look like Harry Reems and have a romp with three women at once, becomes an amorous milkman who resembles Josh Ashton, re-enacts a scene where Eric Edwards sells erotic insurance to Lynn Stevens, and is transformed into Marc Stevens as he plays private detective with Tina Russell. But Melvin is too dim-witted to catch on to the obvious fact that Genie is deeply infatuated with him. A Touch Of Genie was written and directed by Joe Sarno under the name Karl Andersson, and was released in both "Hard X" and "Soft X" versions (44)

A Touch Of Genie (Adults Only)

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