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Toronto-based horror convention HORROR-RAMA is Canada’s best all horror convention – a two-day fan event happened in Toronto, Canada November 15-16, 2016.

Awesome Guests included Canadian horror legend Danielle Ouimet (DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, SATAN’S SABBATH); the First Lady of exploitation, ILSA herself Dyanne Thorne (ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS) and joining the lovely Ms. Thorne is Howard Maurer (ILSA: TIGRESS OF SIBERIA); legendary director and producer William Lustig (MANIAC, MANIAC COP); filmmaker and author Jovanka Vuckovic and tatto artist extraordinaire Shane Faulkner:legendary exploitation director Jeff Lieberman (SQUIRM, BLUE SUNSHINE, JUST BEFORE DAWN); Toronto’s own mentalist duo The Sentimentalists; prolific b-movie director David DeCocteau (PUPPET MASTER, CREEPAZOIDS); indie shock-horror director Douglas Buck (THEATRE BIZARRE, FAMILY PORTRAITS); indie director Chad Archibald (BITE, DROWNSMAN); awesome reunion of David Cronenberg’s seminal horror film The Brood featuring Art Hindle and Cindy Hines!

Tons of vendors, parties, panels and much more!

Check out the site at www.horrorramacanada.com


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